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Do you find that it takes twice as long for your air conditioner to cool down your house?

Did you just get your energy bill back and it is surprisingly high?

Is there a strange odour coming out of your unit?

aircon armadale

Purify Air Con Cleaning Armadale offer reliable and effective services to clean your unit and having it running efficiently again. At Purify Air Con Cleaning Armadale, we pride ourselves on delivering a prompt, professional, reliable and comprehensive service at a competitive rate to meet you budget requirements.

Our fully trained technicians specialise in cleaning split system, ducted and evaporative air conditioning systems; killing and removing bacteria, mould and mildew so you can breathe cleaner, healthier air. For your added peace of mind, our operators will always ensure that we provide a friendly and efficient service, on time every time and ensure all work spaces are cleaned on completion of the job.

At Purify Air Con Cleaning Armadale, we value knowledge and experience which is why all our operators are professionally trained, licensed, insured and have full police clearances. At Purify Air Con Cleaning Armadale we are so confident in our service that we are offering a 12 month no mould guarantee on coils in your unit!

The Purify Air Con Cleaning Armadale Process:

  1. One of our air con cleaning technicians will come to your home or office and check the functionality of your unit in air flow and cooling.
  2. We will clean and sanitise or replace your air con filter as required.
  3. The evaporator cover will be properly cleaned and sanitised, followed by a complete strip and low pressure clean of the evaporator coils and blower.
  4. Our operator will clean the condensate pan and flush the drainage and traps.
  5. Finally, an external clean of the unit will be conducted and a low pressure clean of the condenser coils.

These steps can increase your energy savings by up to 30%.

aircon armadale
aircon armadale

Did you know: 

Only 5%-10% of dust gets caught by your air con filters? The other 90%-95% ends up in your fans and coil; this can lead to a poor performing unit and an expensive electricity bill at the end of the quarter. A dirty air conditioner can also lead to health issues such as allergies, cold and flu-like symptoms, asthma, headaches and fatigue because of unclean air supply.

Why should you invest preventative maintenance of your air conditioner?

  1. To protect your asset.
  2. Prevent major repairs.
  3. Keep running costs low, saving you on electricity.
  4. Increase the longevity of the system.
  5. Increased unit efficiency.
  6. Improved air quality.

Have you checked the performance or cleaned your air conditioner recently? If not, your unit is not operating at optimum efficiency.  Most system breakdowns are directly related to little or no maintenance. Air cons are like cars, a tune up is necessary to keeping your system running at its optimal performance. A poorly maintained air con will not only put added pressure on the unit but also increase the energy consumption resulting in higher electricity bills.

Air conditioning cleaning is crucial for optimum cooling comfort in summer and heating in the winter. Protect your investment by restoring your air conditioner to new condition and extending the life span of your unit with a professional clean and maintenance!

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