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Did you know that a clean air conditioner cools faster and is cheaper to run?

So, what are you waiting for?

Call Purify to get your air-conditioner serviced today!

Hi, we are Kumar and Sangeetha, your friendly neighbourhood Purify Air Con cleaning operators in Aspley!  You will breathe fresh and clean air inside your home after one of our services!  Not only will you save money on a more efficient air con unit, but there is the added bonus of health benefits.  Regular maintenance will also prevent costly repairs to your system in the future.


You will receive value for your money, along with a prompt, professional, and courteous service when you use Purify Air Con Cleaning Aspley. It doesn’t matter if you have a wall-mounted, multi-system, or ducted unit, we will be able to service it!

Purify Air Con Cleaning Aspley offers you:

Filters Service

Indoor Coil Cleaning

Evaporative Cooler Cleaning

Commercial Air Con Cleaning

Antibacterial Film

Tea Tree Film

Scented Film

Tea Tree Block

Ducted cleaning

Purify Air Con Cleaning Aspley is available throughout





and surrounding areas.

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