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Welcome to Purify Aircon Cleaning and Repairs Atwell

You do not know who is living in Your Air-conditioner unless it is cleaned on a annual basis.

I am pleased to introduce our experienced and progressive franchise business, Purify Air Con Cleaning & Repairs Atwell, which has a reputation of providing a prompt, reliable and comprehensive service, at a competitive rate to meet your budget.
My name is Chris Rose and I am a fully qualified refrigeration technician with over 30 years’ experience in the trade. Each job is managed in a professional manner from initial call to job completion. The majority of our business is through referrals or repeat customers.

Being part of Purify Franchise Business Group, I have access to a network of Air Con Cleaning Franchisees, which allows us to tackle projects of virtually any size. Our operators are committed and passionate with:

Providing the highest quality standard of service resulting in Purify Air Con Cleaning’s name, image and branding retaining client and industry respect.

I provide a complete mobile operation and offer a range of extensive services for your Commercial, Industrial and Home requirements:

Complete strip and low pressure clean of evaporator & condenser coils;

Diagnosing faults and repairing systems;

Service breakdown requirements;

Design & Installation;

Modifications and upgrades;

Retrofit work and

Control analysis.

Purify Air Con Cleaning and Repairs will inspect, clean, and tune all your system components to ensure your air conditioner runs like new. I service all makes and models of air conditioning systems:

Evaporative, Reverse Cycle and Split System Air Conditioners;

Caravan Air Conditioners;

Cassette Air Conditioners;

Air Curtains;


Cool Rooms.

Our service check will include cleaning the condensing unit coils, checking the amp draw of the compressor, oiling the fan motors, checking that belts are well adjusted and checking the system operating pressures, temperatures and coolant level.

A cleaning maintenance is vital in prolonging the life of equipment. A complete air con cleaning service will remove the build-up of any toxic mould, fungi or bacteria, so not to disperse into the atmosphere as well as looking for any potential faults by checking refrigerant levels, temperatures and the efficiency of the equipment.

The only way to remove airborne pollutants and bacteria is to have your air conditioner professionally pressure washed and treated with a 12 month mould free guarantee. Purify Air Con Cleaning will low pressure internal wet-wash in areas you can’t reach (i.e. clean internal coils and barrel fans) to control the spread of airborne contamination.

Our business is to improve air quality and reduce power consumption.


health risk air conditioner

Only 5% to 10% of dust and dirt is caught by your filters. The rest ends up in your fans and coil. Dirty fans and coils not only affect the performance and running costs of your air con system, they can also affect the air you breath leading to health problems such as allergies, cold & flu-like symptoms, asthma, headaches and fatigue.
If you haven’t had a Clean and Check performed on your air conditioner system, then it is not operating at optimum efficiency. Most system breakdowns are directly related to little or no maintenance. Air cons are like cars, a tune up is necessary to keeping your system running at its optimal performance.
A poorly maintained air con will not only put added pressure on the unit but also increase the energy consumption resulting in higher electricity bills.
Our preventative maintenance will provide the following benefits:
– Protect your assets;
– Prevent major repair costs;
– Keep your running costs low; saving you on energy bills;
– Increase the longevity of the systems;
– Increased system efficiency and
– Improved Indoor air quality

Air conditioning cleaning is crucial for optimum cooling comfort in summer and heating in the winter. Protect your investment by restoring your air conditioner to new condition and extending the life span of your unit with a professional clean and maintenance!

Purify Air Con Cleaning & Repairs is available throughout the Perth Southern Suburbs:

Success, South Lake, Jandakot, Banjup, Aubin Grove, Fremantle, East Fremantle, Parmelia, Melville, Mount Pleasant, Attadale, Applecross, Booragoon, Bicton, Kardinya, Winthrop, Leeming, Hamilton Hill, Spearwood, Baldivis, Anketell, Wellard, Port Kennedy, Rockingham and Mandurah.

Purify Air Con & Repairs Maintenance Checklist

 Check starting capabilities and thermostat settings and record – Assures system is operational.

 Replace or clean air filter – Clogged air filters can increase your energy bill as much as 30%.

 Check indoor blower assembly – Dirty blowers reduce airflow, decrease comfort, and will fail prematurely.

 Lubricate all moving parts in older units – Without proper lubrication, moving parts use excess energy and will fail prematurely.

 Test and record voltages and amperages at indoor and outdoor fan motor – Improper voltage will cause electrical failures. High amperage is an indication of a system problem.

 Evaluate indoor cooling coil – Dirty coils can reduce efficiency and can damage the compressor.

 Clean condensate drain pan and traps – Clogged drain line and cracked pan can cause expensive water damage to your home and equipment. Stagnant water in a dark system is the perfect place for moulds and fungi to grow.

 Test and examine safety and operating controls – Your system is designed to shut off if an unsafe condition develops. For your health and safety these controls should be checked and serviced regularly. All control box and electrical parts should be checked for wear and damage.

 Inspect and adjust belts – This reduces blower noise and vibrations adding to life of your system.

 Inspect duct work, note any problems or concerns.

 Inspect and tighten all electrical connections – Many motor and compressors fail every year due to loose wiring connections and pitted contactors. Prevents service call and sudden breakdowns.

 Inspect and test capacitors – Weak capacitors use more power and increase electric bills.

 Evaluate and oil condenser fan motor bearings if necessary – increase the life of the bearings.

 Inspect fan motor and blades – Confirm no damage or wear or vibration exists.

 Check condenser coil – A dirty condenser coil can raise refrigerant levels and reduce your air conditioners capacity and efficiency by 50%.

 Visually inspect coils and copper tubing for signs Freon leaks.

 Examine and tighten electrical fittings on condenser disconnect.

 Monitor refrigerant charge with air conditioner running – A low or high refrigerant charge can increase operating costs up to 30%. An improper charge can cause compressor shutdown.

 Measure high and low side system operating pressures – improper refrigerant charge can decrease the systems cooling capacity.

 Explanation of tune-up – Explanation of work performed in tune-up and results.

 Advise improvement as needed – Informs customer of any potential need for repair or replacement.

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