Air Con Cleaning Browns Plains

Purify Air Con Cleaning Browns Plains aims to deliver a high-quality service that will save you money and on your health.

We also repair, service and install replacement and new Air Con Units.

Purify Air Con Cleaning Browns Plains have a wealth of industry experience and a team of dedicated professionals committed to delivering the best service to Browns Plains, Marsden, Crestmead, Heritage Park, Drewvale and surrounding suburbs.

Running an unclean air conditioning unit can cause significant problems for you and your family through health concerns and financial impacts. The longer the unit is running, the more likely the chance of a bacteria build up in your unit which is then blown back out of the unit when in use. Purify Air Con Cleaning Browns Plains have quality services designed to clean any type of air conditioner.

What are the health risks of running an unclean air conditioner?

There are several signs that your dirty air con may be having a negative impact on your health. The longer the air conditioner is in use the more bacteria will grow on the inside of the unit. This means that every time the air conditioner is switched on, harmful bacteria is being blown into the room and is breathed in by you and your family. A Purify Air Con Clean will ensure the entire unit is clean, hygienic and is circulating heathy air into you home or office.

What are the financial risks of running an unclean air conditioner?

There are a number of financial risks associated with running an unclean air conditioner. A build up of dirt in the unit and on the filter means the unit works harder to push cool air out. You will notice this lack of efficiency through an increase in power. In addition to increased power costs, running a dirty air conditioner is also more likely to cost you in repair and maintenance as it will effect the integrity of the parts within the unit.

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What services does Purify Air Con Cleaning Browns Plains offer?

Cleaning Services:

Regularly cleaning your air conditioning unit will not only save your health, it will also increase the efficiency and lifespan of your unit. Our team of highly trained professionals can come to your home or office and deliver an exceptional cleaning service aimed at providing the ultimate hygienic environment for your air to cool down.

Servicing, Repairs & installation:

Purify Air Con Cleaning Browns Plains have and extensive 20 years’ experience working in refrigeration and air conditioning. Through this on the job experience, our team have gained the knowledge and expertise needed to deliver a quality service and repair job aimed at saving you money in the long run. If you notice ongoing problems with your air conditioning unit, even after cleaning, your air conditioner may have a fault that requires serious attention and replacement of parts. Not only will our team supply and replace your faulty unit parts, we can devise an ongoing cleaning and maintenance plan for your air conditioner to increase the life span of your unit and give you peace of mind. Our team also specialise in replacing old Air Con Units with new units or installing new units for the first time.

Who are the team behind Purify Air Con Cleaning Browns Plains?

Raj from Purify Air Con Cleaning Browns Plains has over 20 years of experience in refrigeration and air conditioning.

His extensive knowledge and experience include a trade certificate in refrigeration and air conditioning achieved in 2004.

Raj specialises in regular servicing, unit break down calls on all types of units and replacement of old units or installing new Air Con units.

Further to the trade certificate, Raj has received and Australian Trade Certificate in refrigeration and air conditioning, a certificate III in air conditioning and refrigeration and formal training in split system installation.

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Purify Air Con Cleaning Browns Plains are the experts in all thing’s refrigeration and air conditioning.

To save on your health and save you money call Raj today on: 0435306503