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Do you find that you are frequently experiencing dry eyes, a sore throat, headaches or allergies?

When was the last time you had your air conditioner cleaned?

Did you know that air conditioners are the perfect breeding ground for dirt, bacteria, dust and germs? These elements get stuck in your air cons coils and are then spread throughout the air you breathe. Imagine breathing in all these contaminants. No wonder we get sick! Purify Air Con Cleaning Burwood is here to thoroughly clean your air conditioner and help you and your family breathe in fresher, cleaner air.

Commercial business can benefit from a cleaning service as well! A reduction in contaminated air could result in fewer sick days and an increase in productivity. As an added bonus, clean air conditioners cool faster and can save you up to 30% in energy costs.

For your peace of mind Purify Air Con Cleaning Burwood are fully insured and have received extensive professional training – Purify can service any type of air conditioner! Purify Air Con Cleaning Burwood only use the latest technologies to ensure the job is done right the first time around.

Purify Air Con Cleaning Burwood appreciate their customers and strive to provide unbeatable customer service. Purify understand that you lead a busy life, which is why flexible appointments are available. What are you waiting for? Regardless of whether you require a filter change or a thorough clean, Purify Air Con Cleaning Burwood has you covered!

Purify Air Con Cleaning Burwood specialises in:

Purify Filter Service

Purify Indoor Coil Cleaning

Evaporative Cooler Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

Additional products such as Antibac Film, Tea Tree Film, Air Con Block, Air Con Film and Scent Film.

Purify Air Con Cleaning Burwood is available throughout:

Burwood, Glenwood,

Kellyville Ridge, Stanhope

Gardens, Acacia Gardens,

Parklea, and surrounding areas.

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