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Did you know that clean air conditioners cool faster and are cheaper to run?

Australians love their air conditioners, for good reason, but don’t know a whole lot about the ‘yuck factor’ in the units.  Small particles of air born pollutants pass through the filter and lodge in the cooling coil forming sludge. This not only dramatically impairs the performance of your air conditioner, but also places additional electrical stress on the operating components resulting in unnecessary electrical costs. Furthermore, bacteria forms in the sludge, which can be detrimental to you, and your family’s health.

If you are searching for a professional service, with specialised knowledge on air conditioning cleaning, then look no further! Purify Air Con Cleaning Cooks Hill are the professionals.

You won’t be charged for an initial consultation, assessment, or solution plan and Purify charge no call out fee!  You will only receive top quality service at Purify Air Con Cleaning Cooks Hill, because they take pride in their work and want you to breathe the freshest, cleanest air possible.

Purify Air Con Cleaning Cooks Hill specialises in the following services:


Indoor coil cleaning

Mould removal

Evaporative cooler cleaning

Commercial air con cleaning

Ducted cleaning

Scent films

Purify Air Con Cleaning Cooks Hill is available throughout:

Cooks Hill, Newcastle, Newcastle East, The Hill, The Junction, Bar Beach, and surrounding areas. 

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