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Clean air conditioners cool more efficiently, which means that you don’t have to run them for as long.  This can save you up to 30% on your energy bills! As an added bonus, you and your family won’t be breathing in nasty bacteria and mould.  These contaminants can actually impact on your health and can cause flu-like symptoms, allergies and asthma attacks.  Our goal at Purify Air Con Cleaning NT is to provide an excellent and reliable service at a competitive price.

Did you know that clean air conditioning units can actually save you money in the long run?

With an arrangement of services available, our Purify Air Con Cleaning operators have the ability to service residential homes, commercial businesses or complex’s with multiple air con units – no job is too big or small for our operators. Our motivated and professional operators are fully insured and can come to your home or office for a free non-obligation quote! Operators will thoroughly inspect your air con unit to ensure you are provided with an accurate quote.

Purify Air Con Cleaning NT has a variety of services available including:

  • Purify Filter Cleanwith the application of the Purify Filter Treatment to reduce fungal growth.
  • Purify Complete Cleanincludes cleaning filters, applying Purify Filter Treatment, cleaning the coil unit with Purify Coil Cleaner and installing Pan Cleaning and/or AntiBac product (on request).
  • Air Wellness products– Tea Tree Film prevents bacteria and mould growth in the drain pans of split unit air conditioners and Antibac Film™ purifies the air in enclosed indoor spaces. Both products are made from 100% Tea Tree Oil.

Have you been considering a change in business?

There’s no time like the present!  Purify Air Con Cleaning NT is the ideal business for those who love to help others and have a passion for providing customers with clean and fresh air.  From only $10, 950 +GST all initial equipment & training is provided, making running a successful business easier than ever before!

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