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Did you know that bacteria, viruses, and pollutants are passed through the air via unclean air conditioning units?

Welcome to Purify Air Con Cleaning Dianella

Hi, my name is Peter, and I am your local Purify Air Con Cleaning specialist for Dianella. Whether you have a split air con system, a portable air con system, a central air con system, or a ducted air con system, we are able to help you breathe easy!

We all love cool air in Summer, and warm air in Winter, however a lot of the time we forget about keeping our systems clean and well maintained. Over time, the air conditioner’s filters and coils get a build-up of dirt, which will reduce the air flow and will begin to harvest bacteria. With the right air con clean, you will have fresher air and make your units last longer, which will save you money later in the future. Your air con unit will also cool faster and run more effectively, which will save you even more money.

At Purify Air Con Cleaning Dianella, we aim to provide you with the highest quality of service every time, all at a competitive price. You will have a plan tailored to your air con cleaning needs and wants, and suited to your budget. We also offer package deals, service deals, and bulk deals. For your peace of mind, we are fully insured, and offer free visual checks and quotes. We are passionate about helping you breathe the freshest possible air, and reducing illness through well maintained air con units.


When I noticed black muck in my split cycle air conditioner I emailed Purify Air Con Cleaning. Called and set a time to come out and clean it. He arrived on time, was friendly and professional. The air conditioner was filthy and it took 3 hours of solid work but it now looks brand new. When he was finished, cleaned up thoroughly. The service is second-to-none and the price was extremely good value for money. I have no hesitation recommending and will be using him for all future air con cleaning services, both at my shop and at home. Thanks You Purify Air Con Cleaning – Scott of Doubleview – Local Business Owner

Purify Air Con Cleaning Dianella specialises in the following services:

 Filter cleaning & treatment

Coil cleaning & treatment

Cleaning of drip trays, grills, plaster and surroundings

Clean & flush of the drain

Air wellness – eliminate bad odours

Purify Air Con Cleaning offers once off filter cleaning or we can provide a scheduled regular weekly or monthly filter cleaning program.
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Maintaining a clean air conditioning system within your environment is one defense against allergy and asthma triggers within the home, but be sure to maintain your system regularly.

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I have lived locally in Dianella for just over 3 years and I love the spirit in this community.  I am committed to working with the local community to build better ties within the community.  I am very committed and willing to offer great customer service at great value.  I strive to offer an honest and professional service, that gives clients 100% satisfaction every time.

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