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The Gold Coast is well known for having sub-tropical climates all year round. The high number of sunny days throughout the year along with the high humidity levels, particularly in summer, make using an air conditioning unit a necessity in most homes, high rise units and offices. Over time dirt, dust and other bacteria begin to build-up on the filters, coils and fans of the air conditioner causing a blockage that affects the unit’s running efficiency as well as the quality of air filtering through.

How does a dirty air conditioner affect your health?

As dirt, dust and bacteria build-up in the filter, coils and fans the air conditioning unit becomes a breeding ground for harmful moulds that turn into nasty airborne allergens that are filtered back into the air that is blown into the room every time you turn your air conditioner on. These harmful, airborne allergens are dangerous to your health when you unknowingly breathe them in. If you notice your family or staff members becoming more prone to flu-like illnesses, your air conditioner may be at fault. To ensure the quality of your air flow, call Purify Air Con Cleaning Gold Coast to provide a regular maintenance program that will eliminate harmful bacteria and have you breathing cleaner air all year round.

How does a dirty air conditioner affect the efficiency of the unit?

An air conditioning unit functions by pulling room temperature air through the filters and past the coil, cooling it or warming it to maintain a comfortable controlled temperature.  The air conditioners filters are where any unwanted particles are separated from the clean air which is blown back into your room. Each time the unit is switched on, the dirt and dust caught on the filters builds up causing the filters to become blocked making it more difficult for the air to be drown through the filters and back into the room by the fan. The more energy it takes for the air conditioner to cool down or heat up your room the more it will cost you in energy consumption charges. You may notice this on an unreasonably high energy bill or you may notice a steady increase in your bill price. If you want to save yourself money on your power bill, our Purify Air Con Cleaning technicians on the Gold Coast can deliver an exceptional service designed to increase the efficiency of your unit.

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How does a dirty air conditioner cost me extra money?

Like any investment, an air conditioner needs regular upkeep and cleaning to ensure the unit is functioning correctly and in optimum working order. Failing to regularly maintain your air conditioner can cause several unwanted issues with your unit such as water leaks, incorrect temperature output or drainage problems. Our Purify Air Con Cleaning Gold Coast operators can regularly clean and maintain your air conditioning unit(s) to increase the lifespan of your unit, potentially saving you thousands on repair and replacement costs.

What units do Purify Air Con Cleaning Gold Coast clean?

Purify Air Con Cleaning Gold Coast clean a range of air conditioning units and air filtration units

  • Cassette Units
  • Box Air Conditioning Units
  • Split System Air Conditioners
  • Ducted Air Conditioning Systems
  • Evaporative Air Con Units
  • Cool Room Cleaning
  • Household ceiling fans and extraction fans
  • Domestic kitchen Range Hoods

We also offer very competitive pricing on multiple units for resorts, motels, unit and office towers, aged care and health facilities, schools and day care centres.

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Do you think you want to become a Purify Air Con Cleaning Franchisee on the Gold Coast?

Purify Air Con Cleaning Gold Coast are on the lookout for hardworking, focused and proactive individuals to join our team of highly trained professionals delivering exceptional air con cleaning services. Recent statistics indicate that over 50% of homes and businesses in Australia have access to air conditioning and this number is increasing every year. The Gold Coast average is much higher. As home owners and business professionals become increasingly aware of the risks of running a dirty air conditioner, they are dedicating a higher portion of their budget to maintaining the sanitisation and maintenance of their unit to ensure it is in prime working order all year round.

If you are a self-motivated individual looking to escape from the rat-race and build a business asset of your own and become your own boss, we would love to speak to you about our business model and how we can give you the tools, training and support you need to become a successful business owner.

Find out more and see if this is the right opportunity for you!