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Hi, my name is Anthony Hodgens & I’m your Purify Air Con Cleaning Ironbark.

Many people don’t realise that their air conditioning system needs to be inspected and cleaned at least once a year. This is not only to improve your health as it prevents the growth of legionella bacteria. Not only can this cause of infectious legionnaire’s disease, but leaving your air conditioning system unchecked can also lose 5% of its operating efficiency each year.

On NBN news, there was a video of a house in SA burning in fire caused by blocked air con. Unserviced and dirty air con can cause potential damage to your house and contents

We will also help you prevent spending thousands of your money to buy a new air conditioning system. With Purify, we guarantee that you’ll receive your value for money.

We provide the best customer service as we possibly can offer.

At Purify Air Con Cleaning we believe customer satisfaction is the most important thing.

Purify Air Con Cleaning Ironbark offers the following services at your home or office:

  • Split systems, cassette units, wall units, and ducted systems.
  • Cleaning filters
  • Application of filter treatment
  • Cleaning the coil unit with coil cleaner
  • Cleaning drain and pipe to discard all unwanted objects
  • Installation of fan cleaning product
  • Installation of air wellness antibacterial product
  • Check external unit for obstruction and corrosion
  • Check internal temperature

Our services range from filter cleaning, air curtain cleaning, free inspection, purifying the air in enclosed indoor spaces to prevent bacteria & mould from growing (the air wellness service), to full complete service.

Purify Air Con Cleaning services the follow areas: Brassall, Yamanto, Leitchardt, Rosewood, One Mile, Brassall Heights, Churchill, Pine Mountain, Walloon, Willowbank, Wulkuraka, Minden, Coalfalls, Thagoona, Ironbark.

My wife and I had been in the hospitality industry for more than 10 years. We have dealt a lot of customer service experience being part of the service industry. We believe that customers are the heart of our business & without them, we really are nothing. Having been involved in the Christian community all of our lives, we believe in honesty, reliability, understanding, and open communications between customers and businesses. We strive to be the best that we can be. Having been parents to 2 young beautiful children, we understand that sometimes we just don’t have time to do everything ourselves. Yet, health of the family is always important.

So, we hope we can provide you the healthy clean air through our Purify Air Con Cleaning Services.

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