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Did you know that running a dirty air conditioner could be risking your health?

At Purify Air Con Cleaning Loganholme, we deliver all-inclusive cleaning solutions for your air conditioner. Whether you have a ducted air conditioning unit, split system or a cassette unit, Purify Air Con Cleaning Loganholme have the knowledge and experience to deliver quality results every time. Our operators are fully trained and have extensive experience in air con cleaning techniques to ensure you receive the best possible results.

An uncleaned air conditioner can harbour dangerous allergens that can be extremely harmful to young children and individuals who suffer from allergies, hay fever, flu like symptoms and asthma. While many people think that cleaning an air conditioning filter is all that is required, it is important to maintain regular cleaning of an air conditioner to keep the bacteria from growing.

As well as impacting the health and wellbeing of your family, employees and clients; running a dirty air conditioner could also be costing you money. As the dirt and dust build on the filters, on the fan and in the coils, the air conditioning unit consumes more energy to blow air out. This increase in energy consumption will cause an increase in your power bill, costing you more every quarter. In addition to increased running costs, running a dirty air conditioner can decrease the life expectance of the unit meaning you will spend more money on replacement and repair costs for your unit.

Purify Air Con Cleaning Loganholme is operated by Chris and Jonna. Chris has extensive experience in the air con and refrigeration industry cleaning over 1800 air con units and has the knowledge needed to provide an unbeatable service. Purify Air Con Cleaning Loganholme will thoroughly clean out your air conditioner inside and out. We will ensure the cooling fans, the barrel fan, the tubes carrying the waste fluids are all cleaned out and we will flush out the entire interior of the unit with great care. Our techniques use a low-pressure cleaning system to provide a professional service that keep the air conditioner safe from any damage. For additional peace of mind, the entire team at Purify Air Con Cleaning Loganholme are fully insured and have police checks.

Purify Air Con Cleaning Loganholme run a successful business on 3 fundamental business values;

  1. Keep the business community minded.
  2. Genuine and honest workmanship.
  3. Customer is our number 1 priority.

If you are unsure if your air conditioner is due for a clean, look out for the 3 tips:

  1. If you have noticed an increase in your power bill. Purify Air Con Cleaning Loganholme can provide a deep clean of the unit to ensure the air flow coming out of the unit is strong meaning it will take less time to cool down or heat up the room.
  2. There is a strange odour coming from your unit. As bacteria grows in your unit, you will notice that when you turn the unit on, there is a foul odour filling the room. This is a strong indication that you are breathing in contaminated air and your unit needs a clean.
  3. You have noticed a leak coming from your air conditioner. Quite often, if you notice a leak coming from your unit, this is due to the unit needing a thorough clean. Purify Air Con Cleaning Loganholme can come to your property and inspect your unit.

If you have noticed any of these happening to your air conditioner or you don’t remember the last time you had your unit cleaned, it is time to call Purify Air Con Cleaning Loganholme to book in a thorough clean of your unit.

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