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What units do Purify Air Con Cleaning Perth clean?

At Purify Air Con Cleaning Perth, no job is too big or small. We clean a range of air conditioning units from:

  • Cassette Units
  • Box Air Conditioning Units
  • Split System Air Conditioners
  • Ducted Air Conditioning Systems
  • Evaporative Air Con Units
  • Cool Room Cleaning
  • Household ceiling fans and extraction fans
  • Domestic Range Hoods

Do you want to join the Purify Air Con Cleaning Perth team?

According to research, approximately half of the houses in Australia have one or more air conditioning units installed. Over the past 5 years, the demand for air conditioning cleaning services has increasingly and continuously grown. As homes and businesses become more educated about the negative impact of a dirty air conditioning unit, people are searching for knowledgeable and experienced technicians to maintain their units, keep their running and replacement costs down, as well as to ensure the health of themselves and their families.

If you are interested in a change, craving a flexible balance between your work and home life, and are looking to start your own business or become your own boss; Purify Air Con Cleaning Perth may have the solution you are looking for.

As the sunniest state in Australia, Perth is known for its intense heat, long hot summers and surprisingly cold winters. It is no surprise that Perth homeowners are relying more heavily on air conditioners to control the temperature in their homes and business to provide much needed relief from the harsh Western Australian climate.

The more frequently you use your air conditioner, the quicker dirt and dust will build up in the coils, fans, filters, and other places in the unit. When this build up goes unchecked, you will start to notice the effects of a dirty air conditioner in three key ways:


Negative Impacts on Your Health

A dirty air conditioner is dangerous for your health. With build up of moisture, dirt and dust, your air conditioner becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, mould, and harmful allergens. This means that every time you switch your air conditioning unit on, the unit will blow and circulate contaminated air in the room. Breathing in these harmful airborne allergens and bacteria can be especially dangerous for young children, asthmatics, and individuals who suffer allergies, hay fever, skin conditions, flu like symptoms, or lung problems. By trusting Purify Air Con Cleaning Perth to remove this mould and sanitise your unit, we ensure that your family will breathe air that is clean, fresh and healthy!

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Shorter Unit Life Span

Neglecting to regularly clean your air conditioning unit diminishes its longevity and efficiency. In order to keep your air conditioner running, this means you will likely invest a greater amount of money and time with more frequent replacement and repair costs. By investing a small amount prior to busy seasons, you will effectively be increasing and maintaining the lifespan of your unit and potentially saving thousands in unnecessary costs.

Save your money and your health by having your air conditioner regularly serviced every 12 months by a highly skilled and experienced Purify Air Con Cleaning technician in Perth.