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Do you or a family member frequently experience any of the following sicknesses?

Asthma Attacks



A Sore Throat

Dry Eyes

Respiratory Problems


Tightness of Chest

Flu or Flu-like Symptoms

When was the last time your air conditioner was thoroughly cleaned? Just because it looks clean on this outside does not mean it is clean on the inside! Did you know that bacteria, mould, dirt and other contaminants breed inside of your air conditioner? They are then dispersed throughout the air you breathe in and can result in the illnesses listed above! Purify Air Con Cleaning is here to ensure your family, friends, and employees are breathing in clean, fresh and healthy air. Regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent breakdowns, and prolong the life of your air conditioner, which saves you money in the long run! As an added bonus, clean air conditioners cool faster than dirty ones, and can save up to 30% on energy costs!

For your peace of mind, all Purify Air Con Cleaning operators are fully insured, have received professional training, and use the latest products to ensure the job is done the right way every time! At Purify Air Con Cleaning we care about providing unbeatable customer service. For this reason, we provide flexible appointments to suit your busy schedule and a punctual service each time. You will always receive a professional, reliable and honest service when you use Purify Air Con Cleaning! Regardless of whether you require a filter change or a thorough clean, Purify Air Con Cleaning has you covered! Contact 1300 844 404 today for your free, non-obligation quote.

Do you already get your air conditioner serviced? DO NOT confuse an annual service with an annual clean because the sad fact is that most air conditioning company service contracts do not include internal unit pressure washing. Purify Air Con Cleaning will pressure clean in the areas you can’t reach to control the spread of airborne bacteria, mould and fungal spores.

Purify Air Con Cleaning specialises in:

• Purify Filter Service

• Purify Indoor Coil Cleaning

• Evaporative Cooler Cleaning

• Duct Cleaning

• Additional products such as Antibac Film, Tea Tree Film, Air Con Block, Air Con Film and Scent Film.

Purify Air Con Cleaning is available throughout :

Perth South West Metro areas and includes Attadale,

East Fremantle, Fremantle, Hamilton Hill,

Kardinya, Leeming, Mount Pleasant, Spearwood,

Yangebup, Baldivis, Rockingham,

Parmelia, Port Kennedy, and surrounding areas.

At Purify Air Con Cleaning we are invested in expanding our air con cleaning business throughout the Perth Metro regions and beyond, as we believe in providing all workplaces and homes with clean, fresh air. We are committed to providing a cost-effective and thorough cleaning service to all customers.  To achieve this, we are developing a team of dedicated air con cleaning professional, north and south of the river that possess the specialist knowledge and skills.  Purify Air Con Cleaning franchises are available!  If you’re interested in being your own boss and working within an exclusive territory, while creating your own working hours, contact 1300 844 404 today! 

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