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Did you know that a clean air conditioner can save you up to 30% in energy costs?  Our treatments ensure that your air conditioner is running as cost effectively as possible, at the same time as being clean of harmful bacteria, mould, dirt and dust caused by the day to day running of your system.  Regular cleaning of your unit, whether it is a split system, ducted or box unit, is imperative for your home, office, school or workplace.

Air Con Cleaning Tiaro services include:

Purify Filter Clean with the application of the Purify Filter Treatment to reduce fungal growth.

Purify Complete Clean includes cleaning filters, applying Purify Filter Treatment, cleaning the coil unit with Purify Coil Cleaner and installing Pan Cleaning and/or AntiBac product (on request).

Air Wellness products – Tea Tree Film prevents bacteria and mould growth in the drain pans of split unit air conditioners and Antibac Film™ purifies the air in enclosed indoor spaces. Both products are made from 100% Tea Tree Oil.

To organise a quote or request a clean, call us on 1300 844 404!

Our goal at Air Con Cleaning Tiaro is to provide a prompt and professional service at a competitive price to all areas of the Fraser Coast including Maryborough, Hervey Bay, Tiaro, Howard, Torbanlea and surrounds.

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