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Welcome to Purify Air Con Cleaning Western Australia.  

We provide an onsite air con cleaning service specialising in the cleaning and decontamination of split unit evaporation coils and barrel fans plus box unit (RAC) , covering areas throughout Western Australia.

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At Purify Air Con Cleaning WA, our operators are committed and passionate about providing the highest standard of service that keeps our client’s coming back time and time again. Our aim is to improve indoor air quality and reduce power consumption. Nasty bacteria can accumulate in poorly maintained air conditioners, posing major health hazards to residential and commercial work environments. Mould, mildew and fungi can build-up deep inside your heating or air conditioning units, which can lead to a loss of airflow, overworked monitors, higher running costs and increased allergies. At Purify Air Con Cleaning WA, our intensive air con cleaning service will minimise breakdowns and restore your air conditioner to as if it were brand new!

To maintain a healthy, efficient air conditioner, we recommend an annual “Purify Air Con Cleaning Cycle”. Our low pressure internal wet-wash ensures a complete cleaning maintenance which will reduce energy costs, increase operational efficiency and extend the life of your unit. Purify Air Con Cleaning WA will rid your unit of contaminants so you can breathe cleaner, healthier air.

What are the benefits of regular air con cleaning?






These particles then harvest within your air conditioner and can result in:

• Asthma attacks

• Allergies

• Fatigue

• Sore throats

• Sore, dry eyes

• Respiratory problems

• Headaches

• Tightness of the chest

• Frequent colds

• Flu or flu-like symptoms

Invest in the health of yourself and those around you! Everyone wants to remain healthy by living in a clean environment. Our business is to improve air quality by removing the microbes that are discharged from your air conditioner causing fungal contamination of the air we breathe. Airborne particles such as spores, DNA dust, dirt, and animal matter can pass right through your filter and into your coils and fans.

Purify Air Con Cleaning WA is a complete mobile operation of air con cleaning services for your commercial, industrial, and home requirements. The service includes:

• Checking of air con operation

• Checking of refrigerant levels, temperatures and air flow

• Spraying of a special coil treatment to dislodge the contaminants through the entire coil

• Spraying of a special fan treatment to dislodge the build-up of dirt, mould, dust and bacteria on your barrel fans

• Pressure washing of your internal coils and blower fans with a portable medium pressure cleaner

• Spraying of an anti-microbial treatment into your evaporator coil which gives you’re a 12-month protection against microorganism growth

• Checking of the condition of your filter pads. We scrub and wash all the contaminants from your filter

• Application of Purify Filter sanitising treatment

• Cleaning and flushing of the drain

• Checking of the external unit, drainage, pipes and debris

• Re-testing of air flow and temperature post-clean

• Installation of air wellness anti-bac product (optional)

• Cleaning up of all the mess

“People would be shocked to see what pollutants are inside their unit. Unclean air conditioners are a breeding ground for allergens, bacteria and dirt.  Ensure your family, friends and employees are breathing in clean, fresh and healthy air.”

Purify Air Con Cleaning WA cleans all makes and models of air conditioning systems:

• Evaporative, Reverse Cycle and Split System Air Conditioners

• Caravan Air Conditioners

• Cassette Air Conditioners

• Air Curtains

• Chillers

• Cool Rooms

All of our operators are fully trained independent franchise owners, fully insured and use the latest, high quality products and equipment.  What are you waiting for? Contact Purify Air Con Cleaning WA on 1300 844 404, to help protect your asset and ensure your air conditioning unit is operating at optimum efficiency!

Purify Air Con Cleaning WA thoroughly and professionally cleans and sanitises your entire unit to provide maximum efficiency and lower energy usage by as much as 30%. This will then extend the life of your equipment and minimise breakdowns, restoring your air conditioner to a new condition.

Over time air con filters and coils accumulate dirt. It’s crazy to think that 90% of air conditioning services do not pressure clean your internal coils or barrel fans! Purify Air Con Cleaning WA knows that a dirty air cons will not circulate or heat effectively, which is why we ALWAYS clean the unit thoroughly. The unit has to work harder to cool the air when it has a dirty evaporator coil. Dirt reduces airflow and insulates the coil, impairing its heat absorbing capacity. Similarly, if the blower fan is covered in dirt, air velocity decreases so you turn up the fan speed and turn down the temperature to cool the room, which uses more power.

Have you always wanted to be your own boss? You now have the opportunity to run your own Purify Air Con Cleaning franchise within an exclusive territory, working close to home and flexible hours to suit you.

To enquire, contact 1300 844 404 today – that’s 1300 844 404! 

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