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Did you know that over time your heat pump unit develops a build-up of mould, dirt, dust and other allergens? Did you know the cleaner your heat pump unit is, the more efficiently it runs?

When was the last time you had your heat pump cleaned? Don’t stress, call Purify Heat Pump Cleaning today!

At Purify Heat Pump Cleaning, we are in the business of freshening up your home so you and your family are breathing clean air. When you turn on your unit, the air flows through the coils which warm it up and that air is blown out of your unit into your living space. If these coils are contaminated with bacteria, mould and dust; these contaminants are blown into the air as your heat pump unit runs. Is your heat pump unit making your family sick?

Approximately 1 in 4 children suffer from asthma symptoms. Our fully trained operators come to your home or workplace and provide the highest quality service to have your heat pump unit back to the excellent condition it should be in, ensuring your family are protected from harmful contaminants.

When your unit is filled with dirt and other bacteria it is not being used to its fullest potential, which means you are going to see an increase in your power bill. A well-maintained heat pump unit can save up to 30% on your energy bill just for running more efficiently. Grab these savings now and ensure your unit is cleaned!

Most of our customers don’t realise that the most important form of maintenance you should conduct on your heat pump unit is a filter clean. At the beginning of every season change you should have your filter system cleaned, even more often if you have pets in your home as pet hair can build up in your unit.

5 signs that your heat pump unit needs a clean:

  1. You have a high-energy bill. If you have recently gotten your power bill back and it seems excessively high considering you haven’t used any more power than you usually do? It could be your heat pump unit using excessive amounts of energy due to a build-up of dirt in the filters.
  2. There is weak air flow coming from your unit. If you have turned your unit on and notice that even when you sit directly under the unit, it isn’t very powerful, this could mean your filters need a clean. The more build up on your filters, the less air that can pass through and any air that can pass through is likely bringing dust, dirt and other allergens with it.
  3. There is no air coming from your unit. If you cannot feel any air at all flowing through your unit, call an Purify technician to come and have a look at your unit otherwise you are paying to run a unit that isn’t delivering the air you need.
  4. Unexpected cool air coming from your heat pump. If the air coming from your unit is a non-standard temperature. This could be a strong indication that your heat pump is due for a clean.
  5. The air coming from your unit has a bad smell. If you can smell a musty odour coming from your unit when you turn it on, this means your unit has a build-up of dirt, mould and other contaminants affecting the air it blows out.

When you choose Purify Heat Pump Cleaning, you are choosing a dedicated team of professionally trained operators who are committed to ensuring your unit is blowing clean, healthy air for your family.

Call Purify today on 1300 844 404 to book in an obligation free quote today!

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