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Purify Air – Saves you money and your health

Purify Air Con Cleaning Armadale provide a prompt and professional air con cleaning service targeted at both commercial and residential air conditioning units. Specialising in split system units, portable air conditioning systems, evaporative units, cassette units, window air con units and ducted air conditioning systems; Purify Air Con Cleaning Armadale ensure all equipment is running efficiently and effectively. Purify Air Con Cleaning Armadale also deliver additional services such as ceiling and bathroom exhaust fan cleaning, domestic range hood cleaning services and removal of portable and window air conditioning units.

In the Australian climate, it is important that your air conditioning system is running effectively to ensure it blows cold air in Summer and warm air in Winter. Neglecting to regularly maintain and clean an air conditioning system can result unhealthy air and a breeding ground for bacteria. This build-up causes the unit to blow harmful air borne allergens such as fungi, mildew, mould and other bacteria, that can cause serious illness particularly for people who suffer from hay fever, cold and flu like symptom and asthma.

The team at Purify Air Con Cleaning Armadale are fully trained and qualified to provide an exceptional service on time, every time. The Low Pressure Internal Clean is a specialised service delivered by Purify Air Con Cleaning Armadale to clean the covers, filter, coil and fan housing that potentially harbour harmful bacteria; it will even prolong the life of the unit, saving you money!

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The Purify Air Con Cleaning Armadale process:

  1. A friendly team member from Purify Air Con Cleaner Armadale will come to you and inspect your unit or give you a quote over the phone.
  2. You will receive an on-the-spot report outlining the problem areas of your unit and whether you require a full Premium clean or a Basic Service clean, see our services tab for details.
  3. Our professionally trained team will clean the covers and filters and check for and clean any build-up of dirt and mould in the fans and coils and fins.
  4. After we thoroughly clean the entire unit we sanitise the coil, fan and fan housing with our Anti Bacterial treatment
  5. We then re assemble the unit and test it, inspect the outside unit and provide you with some before and after photos of the unit(s) cleaned.
  6. Purify Air Con Cleaning Armadale will ensure the work area is left how we found it and that you are a satisfied customer.

Purify Air Con Cleaning Armadale understand the health implications that can arise from running a dirty air conditioning unit. The highly experienced Purify team deliver services targeted at reducing running costs of air conditioning equipment and increasing unit efficiency. You can rest assured when you call the team at Purify Air Con Cleaning Armadale, you will be delivered an affordable service that does not compromise on quality.

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Why should you use Purify Air Con Cleaning Armadale:

-Improve air conditioner operating efficiency up to 50%

-Save up to 30% on operating costs

-Improve the health factors of your unit by 100%

For additional peace of mind, Purify Air Con Cleaning Armadale are a family owned and operated business, all operators are fully insured and offer free visual checks and quotes before the commencement of any works. You can contact your local operator Beat Tobler on 0439 520 643 or on 1300 844 404!

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