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Did you know that neglecting to regularly clean your air conditioner can result in a build-up of harmful bacteria in your unit?

Running a dirty or unhygienic unit could be putting your family’s health at risk.

Purify Air Con Cleaning Redbank Plains are a team of highly trained and experienced professionals, dedicated to delivering the highest quality air conditioner cleaning service in Australia. A build-up of unhealthy bacteria and dust in the air conditioning unit can cause allergens to circulate through your system and into your home while your unit is running. This build-up of bacteria can have numerous effects on your unit that can prove to be very costly to you and your family.

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How do you know your unit is overdue for a clean?

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If you have seen an increase in your power bill this season, this may be a result of an inefficient air con system using more energy. Regularly cleaning your air conditioner will ensure your unit is running much more efficiently and reduce your power bill as it will use less energy to run.

An air conditioner that is dirty can lead to a weak flow of air coming from your unit. Build up on the fan means the fan is not effectively circulating air through your unit resulting in a weak air flow and a longer cool down time for your home. The longer the cool down time, the more energy your unit is using.

If you turn your unit on and notice a bad smell circulating the room, this could be a result of dirt, mould or bacteria breeding in your unit. This unhygienic air is flowing through your home every time you use your unit and your family are breathing in these harmful allergens.

Running a dirty air conditioner can cause serious sickness in young children and individuals who typically suffer from asthma, hay fever, allergies and ongoing sinus problems. If you notice an increase in sickness spreading through your home, your air conditioner may be the culprit.

If you notice any of these problems in your homes, it is time to call Purify Air Con Cleaning Redbank Plains to provide a deep and thorough clean of your unit.

Why should you choose Purify Air Con Cleaning Redbank Plains?

  • Purify Air Con Cleaning Redbank Plains have a team of experienced air con cleaning technicians that will come to your home or office and deliver an exceptional service every time.
  • Maintaining a clean unit will increase the overall unit productivity, prolong the lifespan of the unit and save you money on your energy bill!
  • Unhealthy bacteria in an air conditioning unit can cause serious health concerns for you and your family. Individuals who suffer from flu like symptoms, runny nose, asthma, headaches, coughing or itchy eyes are especially prone to health issues.
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Experience: Years of experience in all types of Air Conditioners for cleaning, installations, repairs, re-gassing.

Passion: at Purify Air Con Cleaning Redbank Plains, we love what we do!

Quality: Our exceptional work ethic ensures we deliver a high-quality result on time, every time.

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