18 Point Guarantee

18 Point Guarantee

Purify Air – Excellent Guaranteed Service

Customers naturally like to deal with secure companies who strive to provide excellent service. When a Purify Air operator arrives in uniform and on time, does an excellent job and charges a fair and reasonable price, customers know they are dealing with a true professional and will continue to use the service time after time.


Dirt, Bacteria and Mould Grow in every used Air Conditioning System and this affects your health and costs you money so it’s important that we do what we say we are going to do for your health and your hip pocket.

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All of our Franchise Technicians have a minimum of $5 Million Public liability Insurance and treat your home of office with care and with great customer service our main priority.

premium split system cleaning service

All operators are fully trained independent Franchise Owners and fully insured!
Purify Air operators come fully equipped and can service your home, work or office.

So for all your Split System and Air Con Cleaning needs call Purify Air – Air Con Cleaning for a prompt, professional & friendly service guaranteed!

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Our Purify Air Split System Premium Clean 18 Point Check List:

  1. Check and test each Air conditioner prior to cleaning ( We don’t clean air cons that don’t work properly)
  2. Place water proof tarp over all floor coverings or furniture below the air con unit
  3. Take before and after photos to send or show our clients the difference after our though clean
  4. Remove, clean and sanitise filters
  5. Remove and wash all covers
  6. Cover all electrics for safety
  7. Physically treat and clean the coils. behind the filters, the fan and fan housing and pressure rinse with clean water
  8. Flush and check the drain to avoid possible leaks
  9. Sanitise the coil, fan and fan housing
  10. Reassemble all components
  11. Dry any excess moisture on or around the air con unit
  12. Test unit
  13. Clean remote control if required
  14. Inspect external units on ground level for any foreign matter like weeds, long grass, pet hair and remove and flush if necessary
  15. 5 Point Check of the external unit if at ground level and accessible for:
    • Damaged to insolation around copper piping or electrical conduit and advise on solutions**
    • Any obstructions to air flow around the coils of the external unit such as cloths, pet hair or toys
    • Check for any grass or weeds growing up under or into the external unit – remove
    • Any Mould growing on the external covers or in the compressor coils – clean and treat
    • Check fan blades and covers for corrosion and or grime
  16. Clean up any mess from all work completed
  17. Organise next service visit and leave contact card
  18. Provide a completed next service sticker with recommended next service date

**Speak to your Purify Air Technician about replacing the insulation on the external piping leading to the outside unit if it is damaged or withered and what costs are involved.

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