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Purify Air Con Cleaning Applecross specialise in professional cleaning of air conditioners and refrigerated appliances for both domestic and commercial clients. Our highly experienced team of technicians provide their expertise in the pressure cleaning of condenser and evaporator coils, and filtration systems, to improve the hygiene of the equipment. The Purify Air Con Cleaning Applecross process will ensure your unit runs more efficiently keeping running costs down as well as producing cleaner air.

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Purify Air Con Cleaning Applecross maintain the following:

-Evaporative coolers

-Cassette air conditioners

-Wall split air conditioners

-Ducted air conditioners

-Air curtains

-Cool room and freezer rooms


-Display cabinets

-Ceiling fans

-Toilet & bathroom exhaust fans

-Kitchen canopy exhaust fans

Over time, dirt begins to build up in the filters and coils of an air conditioning unit. This build up will reduce air flow and harvest bacteria creating the perfect breeding ground for air borne pollutants which can cause serious health problems. People who suffer from allergies such as hay fever and cold and flu like symptoms or asthma are particularly at risk of developing serious health complications from dirty air conditioning units.

Purify Air Con Cleaning Applecross deliver services targeted at reducing the risk of being exposed to harmful air borne allergens. The fully trained team of operators ensure every air conditioning system is professionally cleaned and sanitised.

At Purify Air Con Cleaning Applecross the key focus is to improve indoor air quality and help clients reduce energy costs. Every individual has the right to live in a clean and healthy environment; Purify Air Con Cleaning Applecross work to flush out the harmful contaminants from the air conditioning unit allowing our clients to breathe cleaner, healthier air. In addition, regular air conditioner cleaning helps to prevent potential health problems, reduce excess power consumption and ensure the unit is running efficiently.

While other air conditioner cleaning companies may not properly clean internal handling components, Purify Air Con Cleaning Applecross are trained to ensure the entire system has been properly cleaned. When cleaning an air conditioner, it is important to thoroughly remove the accumulation of mould and bacteria built up on the coils and fans that is not visible to the naked eye. Purify Air Con Cleaning Applecross have a thorough cleaning process that includes cleaning the fins, coils and casing of the unit; as well as applying anti-microbial treatments to the fans and coils to assist with removing bacteria and mould build up.

“Healthy air, healthy life”

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The Purify Air Con Cleaning Applecross process:

-Cleaning the grills and fascia panels

-Check fans for vibration and coils for dust or mould build up

-Physically treat the evaporator coil, return air filter and fan pressure wash clean

-Some filters may be the disposable type, and these cannot be cleaned but replaced. Will advise on inspection

-Clean evaporator unit drain pan

-Sanitise the coil, fan and fan housing

-Clean remote control

-Check outdoor units for vibration, noise and condition

-Check for obstruction to airflow around condenser coils

-Test run and check operation

-Report any service issues found

-Record asset register with equipment details

-Tidy work location

The team at Purify Air Con Cleaning Applecross will develop a custom maintenance program for each individual unit tailored to the equipment.

Regular preventative maintenance programs will not only prolong the life of the equipment it will save you capital expenditure on costly repairs and running costs.

Purify Air Con Cleaning Applecross guarantees to meet your budget without compromising on quality of work.

Each client will receive a detailed assessment report, inclusive of before and after photos, follow up recommendations and maintenance requirements.

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Benefits of Purify Air Con Cleaning Applecross preventative cleaning maintenance services:

-Breathe purified air

-Save money by increased operating performance and reduced energy costs

-Improve air flow

-Prevent major repair costs

-Increase the lifespan of your system

For peace of mind, all Purify Air Con Cleaning Applecross technicians are fully insured and professionally trained using the latest, high quality products and equipment. Our cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly, bio degradable and non-toxic products.

For technical advice and solutions, we can coordinate the repair servicing of existing units and mechanical consultancy for design and construct installation of new units.

“We love seeing the look on people’s faces when we have done a premium clean on their air conditioner They are amazed at how their air conditioner looks, smells and works like new again! Clean air is essential for a healthy life and it is most satisfying knowing that a Purify Air Con Cleaning pressure wash and decontamination will most definitely help people to breathe cleaner, healthier air.” –
Leanne Rose, Owner operator at Purify Air Con Cleaning Applecross.

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