Basic Split System Cleaning

Basic Split System Cleaning

In the hot Australian climate, air conditioning units are one of our most utilised appliances. In a hot Summer, some families and business have units running on a near constant cycle. It is important to regularly maintain the cleanliness of your air conditioning unit to ensure it does not harbour any harmful allergens and bacteria that could be making you and your family sick. Each time an air conditioning unit is used, the moisture and dust that naturally circulate through the unit begin to build up causing a blockage on the filters. This build up restricts the air flow through the filters meaning the unit utilises more power to cool down or heat up a room. If you have noticed an unexpected increase in your power bill, a dirty air conditioner may be the costly culprit.

In addition to costing you on your power bill, a dirty air conditioner could be making your family sick! The moisture that is found in your air conditioner is a breeding ground for harmful moulds and bacteria that is blown out into the air every time you switch on your unit. These airborne allergens affect the quality of air being breathed in by your whole family and can cause significant health concerns for individuals who suffer from allergies, asthma, hay fever and people prone to flu like symptoms. The best way to keep your family safe from harmful airborne allergens is to call Purify Air Con Cleaning and regularly clean your unit.

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The Basic Split System Air Con Clean is the ideal service for regular cleaning to ensure you maintain sanitation of your unit. Our 10-step cleaning process is designed to keep your unit clean and safe for regular use. If you are a regular air con user, we highly recommend booking in the Premium Split System Air Con Clean if the unit has not had a full clean for over 2 years and the basic Split System clean to maintain and keep your unit fresh all year round and

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All operators are fully trained independent Franchise Owners and fully insured!

Purify Air operators come fully equipped and can service your home, work or office.

So for all your Split System and Air Con Cleaning needs call Purify Air – Air Con Cleaning for a prompt, professional & friendly service guaranteed!

  1. Check and test each Air conditioner prior to cleaning (We don’t clean air cons that don’t work)
  2. Place water proof tarp over all floor coverings or furniture below the air con unit
  3. Take before and after photos to send or show our clients
  4. Remove, clean and sanitise filters and re fit
  5. Check Coil, Fan and Fan Housing for any Dirt or Mould build up and advise client if Premium clean is required
  6. Check the drain to avoid possible future leaks and advise client if Premium clean is required
  7. Sanitise the coil, fan and fan housing
  8. Wipe over covers with Sanitiser and reassemble all components
  9. Dry any excess moisture on or around the air con unit
  10. Test unit

**Speak to your Purify Air Technician about replacing the insulation on the external piping leading to the outside unit if it is damaged or withered and what costs are involved.

All operators are fully trained independent Franchise Owners and fully insured!

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Quality and Reliability

I would highly recommend Purify Air Con Cleaning. With dust from our renovations and just day-to-day living, we knew our air-con needed a clean, but didn't realise quite how bad it was until we removed the filter! What a fantastic job he has done. We're now looking forward to better health, lower power bills and a better functioning air-con system.


Stunning Clean!

Great service and great price. Purify Air Con Cleaning worked their wonders with my ant problem in my air con and saved the day. True gentleman. I highly recommend to all.


Absolutely Perfect

I had a lovely gentleman by the name of Greg come and clean two air cons in my home this afternoon. He was on time, courteous, and incredibly thorough. I would have no hesitation recommending your services to others!


What a Job!

I highly recommend Purify Air Con Cleaning. We got ours done a few weeks ago and they are running better than ever! So friendly.


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