Box Air Con Clean

Box Air Con Clean

A Box Air Conditioner functions by pulling air from the room through a filter, separating the clean air from any dust particles and over the cooling coil. The cooling coil serves 3 primary functions: to drop the temperature of the air that passes over it which in turn, cools down the air being blown back out of the unit removing moisture from the air dropping the humidity levels in the room and in winter worming the room. To maintain this process at maximum efficiency, it is important to invest in regular cleaning of your air con unit for 2 key reasons:

  1. As the filter serves to catch unwanted dust particles, over time it will begin to build up with dirt and dust and become blocked. This will decrease the amount of air passing through the filter meaning the air conditioner will need to use more power to suck the air in and push the air back out into the room. In addition, the air that does get blown back out into the room passes through a dirty filter and will collect some of this dust on the way out, circulating it back into your home.
  2. As the air passes over the cooling coil, dew will develop on the cooling coil’s surface, each time you turn your unit on, this process will continue to repeat until the build-up of dew builds a barrier, preventing the warm air from cooling down effectively. This added moisture on the cooling coil also creates a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and mould which become harmful contaminants that are blown back out of the unit and into your air.
wall mounted box aircon

Our team at Purify Air Con Cleaning are trained and experienced in sanitising Box Air Conditioners and can come to your home or office and ensure your family or staff members are breathing cleaner, healthier air and saving you money on your power bill!

loungeroom aircon cleaning

Purify Air – Box Air Con Cleaning Check List

  1. Check and test Box Air conditioner prior to cleaning ( We don’t clean air cons that don’t work properly)
  2. Place water proof tarp over all floor coverings or furniture below the air con unit
  3. Take before and after photos to send or show our clients the difference after our though clean
  4. Remove, clean and sanitise filters
  5. Remove and wash all covers
  6. Cover all electrics for safety
  7. Physically treat and clean the coils, behind the filters, and pressure rinse with clean water
  8. Flush and check the drain to avoid possible leaks
  9. Sanitise the coil
  10. Inspect the Fan Housing, clean and Sanitise
  11. Reassemble all components
  12. Dry any excess moisture on or around the air con unit
  13. Test unit
  14. Clean remote control if required
  15. Inspect external unit if at ground level and accessible for any corrosion, Dust and Mould build up on covers restricting air flow and structural supports. Clean if required
  16. Clean up any mess from all work completed
  17. Organise your next 12 month service visit and leave contact card
  18. Provide a completed next service sticker with recommended next service date

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