Value And Reliability

Purify Air Con Cleaning Value And Reliability

Purify Air Delivers Value For Money:

  • At Purify Air our goal is to always provide proper value for money service which is available to people from all walks of life and income levels. From busy families to corporate executives, our professional operators can provide a service to suit any need. Part of that service means returning customer calls within 30 minutes, providing specialist advice and ensuring each job is done to the highest professional standard. We also offer even better prices for multiple unit cleans or for a 12 month maintenance program when required.
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Want a reliable Air Con Cleaning service?

  • Purify Air Con Cleaning come to you at your premises whether it be  your Home, Business, Office, School, Motel complex or Residential unit tower. We make a time that suits you. Not only can you save in energy costs but be assured that your family, staff or customers are not affected by bacteria or mould which live in the Air Con unit you are using every day.
  • Our Purify Air Con Cleaning services are available any time during normal trading hours or by appointment with your local Purify Air Technician out of hours. If a delay occurs then our Technicians will contact you asap to explain the situation and or make an alternative appointment that is convenient and suits you
  • A Purify Air Technician will contact you within 30 Minutes of your inquiry either by text or by phone call to organise your Air Con Clean time and/or a very competitive quote
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Multiple Air Con Unit Cleans

Purify Air understands that many Homes and Businesses have more than 1 or 2 Air Con Units with many Home having multiples from 2 to 6 or more and Businesses with over 10 quite often. Larger Businesses, Motels, Schools, Residential Housing Blocks and Unit or Office complexes can have 30 to 160 or more which can start to add up regarding budgeting for Maintenance and Cleaning.

Talk to your local Purify Air Con Cleaning Technician about how they can assist you with pricing for Multiple Air Con Units. Purify Air will not be beaten on value for money and quality of service.

Even better savings can be made with our Purify Air 6 Monthly Cleaning Maintenance Program where Air Con Units are in constant use and require Cleaning more than once a year to maintain Healthy Clean Air for those Living, Sleeping, Eating and Working in Air Conditioning.

Cost savings in Energy Use and Maintenance Call Outs and the Replacement of Units are a major benefit when Air Cons are properly maintained regularly with significant saving on running a clean Air Con as compared to a dirty Air Con. With mutable units this adds up to a considerable dollar saving.

Purify Air Top 5 signs that your air con unit needs a clean

You have a high-energy bill. Help reduce your power costs! A clean air con is much more efficient thus using less energy.

There is weak air flow coming from your unit. If you have turned your unit on and notice that it isn’t very powerful, this could mean your fan needs a clean.

The less air being circulated through the room, means the longer it takes to cool the room down, therefore using a lot more energy.

The air coming from your unit has a bad smell. If you can smell a musty odour coming from your unit when you turn it on, this means your unit has a build-up of dirt, mould and bacteria which circulates through the room each and every time you turn on your unit.

Your health is being affected. Clean air can help anyone who suffers from asthma, allergies, hay fever and ongoing sinus problems.

Your unit isn’t running as efficiently. Keeping your filters regularly cleaned helps greatly with the efficiency of the unit and reduces the amount of dirt getting into the air conditioner. This can reduce your energy costs while also benefitting your health.

Did you know: Regular cleaning of your air con unit can increase its life span saving you thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

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