Evaporative Air Conditioning Cleaning

Evaporative Air Con Clean

An Evaporative Cooler requires regular cleans to remove any build-up of contaminants impeding the operating performance of the system and contaminating the air we breathe.

As shown in the picture below, this clogged contaminated filter pad needs to be replaced as it has become rotten with mould and the smell coming off the pad is putrid, which would be drawn in through the filters and blown into the restaurant, office or home.

Your air con can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould if maintenance is neglected and this may affect your health.

roof top evaporative coolers purify
evaporative aircon filter purify

Purify Air will ensure your evaporative cooling unit is properly maintained as follows:

  1. Clean and sanitise evaporative pads through which water passes.
  2. Clean water tray/basin, by removing all sediment and slime with a brush
  3. Check and adjust fan belts, motor mountings and that fans are securely to motor shafts, filter panel fixings are intact and secure etc.
  4. Inspect and adjust water inlet valve and dump valve if fitted.
  5. Check that water overflow is not blocked and is working correctly.
  6. Check around the base of the evaporative cooler to ensure that the penetration into the building is water tight.
  7. Finally, check the operation of the above and the wall controller to ensure that the system is working at its optimal best.

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